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The ABC Diploma program

Your Personal Swim Coach lessons are structured around the Dutch ABC Diploma curriculum. The A diploma proves that you have basic survival skills and are considered a safe and responsible swimmer. The Bdiploma proves that you have a certain level of endurance, are a much more independent swimmer and can assist in rescuing people in trouble. The C diploma proves that you are prepared for all kinds of situations in the water and are an independent, confident swimmer.

Your Personal Swim Coach wants everybody to have their C diploma! We believe that it is important that everyone is comfortable in the water and knows how to deal with unexpected situations like falling into canals or off boats. It is also important to be able to help other people who may fall into canals! Because accidents do happen, all three diploma levels require you to swim while wearing clothes – from a t-shirt, shorts and shoes for the A diploma to wearing a thick long sleeved t-shirt, trousers and shoes for the C diploma. We strongly suggest bringing a plastic bag for all your wet stuff!

Our tailored lessons will definitely get you through each level. Each lesson involves working on the four main strokes and practicing safety and survival skills. On average, intermediate swimmers need about 10 lessons to gain their A diploma. Our instructors teach the skills needed and will practice the exam requirements so that you are comfortable and confident to take them. Getting your diploma is fun and gives a great sense of achievement.

For more information about what each lesson entails, what is involved in obtaining these diplomas, what to bring, and why the diplomas are important, please contact us. We love talking about swimming!


There are no additional costs for taking the ABC Diplomas. The exam itself will be charged as a normal lesson and added to your monthly bill. All you need to do is bring your fans to cheer you on and help make it fun!


It is important to practice swimming when clothed. Should you fall into the water by accident, you will probably be fully clothed. Wet clothing absorbs water and pushes out the air. You feel like you are being dragged under water. Trying to keep afloat is very strenuous. Goggles may not be worn during this part of the exam.

Each level of diploma is more challenging than the previous one, both on the clothing to be worn as well as the distance to be swum.

ENVOZ A diploma swim survival

ENVOZ B diploma swim survival

ENVOZ C diploma swim survival

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