Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as stupid questions. Below you find our frequently asked questions.


FAQs  About How to Learn Swimming

Can I keep track of my progress?

Yes, you can!  Within 24 hours after each swim session, you can see your progress at your personal Zwemscore page . Each level is devided in learning points. The progress is messured  as;

  •            Not yet sufficient
  •             Requirement needs more practice
  •             Sufficient

While online at your personal page in zwemscore, you can hover your cursor over the skill number for more detailed information about the requirements per learning point.

Am I too old to learn how to swim?

We have given adult swimming lessons now for more than seven years. During this time, our clients have ranged in age from 18 year olds to the over 70s. So, no, age does not matter at all. It’s never too late to learn to swim.

What can I do to improve my learning progress?

Practice, watch videos on our YouTube channel, take extra lessons, join at your local pool during public hours or take some private lessons. Whatever you do, at least come to your weekly class. Routine helps.

I watch the swimming lessons of my kids. Can I expect the same type of lesson if I sign up myself?

Yes and no. With adults, we usually spend about 80% of the time helping them overcome their fear of water, especially when they are out of their comfort zone. The remaining 20% of the time is spent on learning the strokes and basic floating. With kids, it’s usually the reverse (80% method, 20% overcoming fear). Once adults are no longer afraid, they don’t usually need as many lessons as children to learn to swim.

Am i too old to learn how to swim

We have given adult swimming lessons now for more than six years. During this time, our clients have ranged in age from 18 year olds to the over 70s. So, no, age does not matter at all. It’s never too late to learn to swim.

I have a severe fear of water due to a traumatic experience in the water. Do you think I will ever get over this?

Yes. We are specialized in high-care lessons and, especially in our private lessons, you will be guided through each step in the process by a professional swim coach who is highly experienced in helping people overcome their trauma.

Tell us your story and together we will work together to figure out the best way for you to overcome your fears: .

I have tried swimming before, but still i don't manage it. Should I try it again?

Many of our newcomers have some experience with swimming. No matter what has happened in the past, we take it from the beginning: floating ability. We focus on this in warm, shallow water with your personal swim coach by your side in the water. Gradually you will follow our learning process step by step. We will make sure you become a strong swimmer!

Do most people float in water and why is this so? I heard that floating depends on fat levels, is this true?

This question relates to density as much as it relates to an individual’s specific gravity. The more dense (not in the sense of stupidity!) the body, the higher the chance of sinking. Since muscle and bone tend to be more dense than fat, bodies with more fat tend to be more buoyant. If you take a large breath of air, you also tend to float better. If you exhale, you may feel that you start to sink.

Read more about floating in swimming

FAQs  About Make-up Lessons

What is a make-up lesson?
Are make-up lessons refundable?

Make-up lessons are not refundable. We advise to use all your make-up lessons before you terminate your membership so don’t wait till you are moving out and enjoy your make up lessons in the pool as much as you can.

Do make-up lessons expire?
Can I book an alternative lesson should I be unable to come to my regular scheduled lesson?

You can schedule a new or different lesson (place, time, pool) by going to ‘Lessen’, ‘Les inhalen’ in the top menu of your personal Zwemscore page.

How can I book a make-up lesson?

FAQs  About Terms and Conditions

I would like to take lessons. How do I register?

Go to the top right of our website and click on the button ‘I want to learn how to swim’, and follow the instructions on the registration page. After your registration we will reach out as soon as possible to plan a try-out lesson.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

They are more than welcome to join the cafeteria while you do the swimming lesson.

The only time friends and family are allowed in the pool is during the diploma event.

I like to sign up for lessons together with my friend/spouse

You are both most welcome to enrol and share your request in the ‘notes’ section in the registration form. The office will schedule your lessons in accordance with your request.

I need to cancel my lesson tonight due to unforeseen circumstances. Why can you not waive the 8 hour policy?

Our students can cancel or reschedule single lessons by logging in to their personal Zwemscore account and taking the necessary action. This can be done up to 8 hours before the lesson starts, so you can book it an other time that suits you better.  Please Note:  We cannot accept cancellations or rescheduling by email, phone or verbally.

The Your Personal Swim Coach team is unable to reschedule your lesson at such short notice while the costs of the instructors and the pool rental continue. While we understand your situation, this is the only way that Your Personal Swim Coach can guarantee the highest level of small group training. Thus it is not possible to cancel a lesson within 8 hours before the start of the class.

How do I cancel my YPSC membership?
If you really wish discontinue your lessons at Your Personal Swim Coach, you can fill out the ‘uitschrijf formulier’ at your personal page in Zwemscore. In case you’re not available for a longer of time, we switch your subscription to Irreglar/Webkassa. We’ll charge an administration fee of €2,50 for that. In case you want to switch to Irregular/Webkassa, please contact us at (Rotterdam, The hague, Leiden) or (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Diemen) 
I travel a lot / have a irregular work schedule , can I still sign up for a course?

Of course, please do! Our system allows you to manage your lessons yourself. You can cancel lessons (8 hours in advance), book others, book extra lessons, choose the location and time on your personal Zwemscore page. If weekly commitment is not an option, we even offer individual lessons which can be purchaged via our webkassa online

Our coaches use the information on the Zwemscore progress page so that should you miss some lessons, they always know where to continue and what areas to work on.

I can’t remember the link to the Zwemscore portal. How do I access it again?

Go to the top right on our website and click on ‘Mijn zwemscore login’. In the menu choose ‘Manage My Lessons’, it will take you straight to the portal or click on this link

I will miss one or more lessons. What do I do?

You can cancel one or more lessons by going to ‘Lessen’, ‘Les afmelden’ in the top menu of your personal page at  Zwemscore. If the lesson is canceled 8 hours in advance, you will receive a make-up lesson to book at a different time.

FAQs Private Lessons

How can I book a private try-out lesson?

Click on the button ‘Book try-out lesson’. Then follow the instructions on the registration page: at the field ‘SIGN UP FOR’ you choose a private lesson (from the dropdown menu) at one of our 4 locations.

Will I only learn with private try-out lessons?

Not necessarily. Most newcomers think that they are worse than other beginners in the pool so that is why they call for private lessons. The true is that all beginners at our first level ‘Water Introduction’ are the same, hence it is very stimulation to have peers around you and realizing that you are not the only one. Besides, the private group is three times more expensive than a small group.

FAQs Ladies Questions

Can I swim with a veil or in a burkini?

As we say, the world meets in our pools . So yes, come as you are. Your Personal Swim Coach is happy to host veiled students or ladies wearing burkini.

My period started earlier, can i still cancel?

My period started earlier than expected so I had no time to cancel the lesson on time. Unfortunately, whatever the reason for cancelling is, YPSC still needs to stick to its 8 hour cancellation policy. We suggest that you cancel your lesson well in advance. Should you be able to swim after all, we can usually host you.( pop us a whatsapp or email that you are coming after all)

I’m a Muslim woman and have certain preferences.

As we say, the world meets in our pools. Your Personal Swim Coach is happy to host veiled students as well as ladies with birkini and see if we can accommodate other preferences regarding surroundings.

In  general,  since we hire pools at different locations and times, we are unable to guarantee that there will be no male swimmers or visitors. The small groups and all other lessons are mixed groups. the Alternatively consider the private  and private elite sessions, they can be organized according your wishes. Contact our office team, we are keen to discuss the best suitable option for you.

Can I request a female coach?

We host female swimmers from all over the world and all kinds of culture backgrounds. As much we are willing to try to, we cannot always guarantee a female coach. Our team of coaches has more men than women at this moment. You can see them all here

They are all professionals and know how to respects personal and cultural boundaries. So, in general we ask those newcomers to come to see for themselves.  If it helps to feel more comfortable, you can be accompanied by your partner or brother.

Can I swim when I have my period?

Female swimmers who have their period and use tampons can still attend their lessons. Some women experience cramps or lower back pain during this their period. Swimming is actually a good way to get rid of the tension in the muscles and backbones. You will feel much better after a swim than staying home.

FAQs Diploma Swimming

Why should I go for a diploma?

After all the hard work, it is simply a must to celebrate at one day and by very proud too.  By receiving this official document, you can prove that you are capable to deal with certain circumstances as well as swimming all four basic strokes.

Secondly several activities demand a swim diploma ( B) like when you want to join a aqua sport club like waterpolo or triathlon. Also, activities like renting a sailboat of dive equipment, the organization will ask if you obtained a B diploma in the past. Surely, they won’t ask for it to show it, but who want to jeopardize safety issues and mutual trust.

At last , public and private pools and waterparks demands childeren to have a B diploma minimum in order to get in. It goes without saying that this applies for adults too.


How can I obtain an official Swim diploma A,B or C

 All members can participate to the diploma program which it organized  a couple of times a year. Check out our calender for the coming dates in all our pools. All swimmers who meet the criteria of the program will be informed by their coach if they can join or not.


What are the costs for the diploma event


The costs of the diploma event are € 11,50  in addition to a regular lesson fee. This invoice will be send by our office prior to the event.

What is the value of a swim diploma

 Your  Personal Swim Coach follows the ENVOZ Survival diploma program, hence on top of the regular skills there are several exercises regarding survival skills included.  The diploma is printed in several languages.  Some professions like fly attendant and police officer demand a swim diploma. We have trained several professionals from scratch.


The diploma date does not suit me

The diploma dates are planned, check out the dates for the coming months here.

 In case this date does not work for you, you are most welcome to pick another date in another pool. The drill is completely the same. If it helps, you book an extra lesson ahead to get familiar with the pool first.

What do I need to wear during the diploma swimming?

Each level A, B, and C prescribes different outfit. When the diploma dates come closer, all swimmers bring the right outfit and a plastic bag to carry it all back home

A : Sleeveless shirt, underpants, a blouse or a T-shirt, shorts, socks and shoes.

B: Socks, a sleeveless shirt, trousers, a long-sleeved T-shirt and sports shoes

C: Socks, a sleeveless shirt, trousers, a long-sleeved T-shirt, a raincoat (rain jacket) and


Can i wear my swim cap and / or goggles?

The diploma event is a simulation of reallife situations, hence no goggles and caps allows. Do you wear glasses, wear them here too.

I need an official diploma for my (future) job

The envoz diploma is an official acknowledges diploma and will be handed out ( paper version ) at the end of the event.  We trained several airline attended  and police officers al ready who needed this certifcate for their application process. 

Still have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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