Want to know how much it costs to fulfill your dream by getting this life saving skill? Read on, Your Personal Swim Coach offers a differ type of options.




All newcomers start with enrolling and paying the signup fee of € 30,50.  After a successful try-out lesson, your monthly membership starts as your weekly slot is booked for you now.

A try-out session (no strings attached) gives you the following;  a personal welcome at the swimming pool by one of the coaches who shows you around and tells you how things work and a welcome bag including a swimming cap and other goodies.  The lesson will be finalized with a  personal plan of approach for how to reach your goals.

Our small groups have 5 swimmers only, if someone cancels, that slot will be available again for others to book a make-up lesson.  Do you wish you have personal attention, consider private lessons instead.


More Flexibility

In case weekly swimming does not suit your busy schedule, consider becoming a Webkassa swimmer and book individual lessons via the webshop.  You still need to enroll first and enjoy a try-out lesson at one of our sites. The monthly fee for this option is € 2,50.

Price per Lesson
Small Group
€ 30,50
€ 30,50
Private Elite
€ 54,00
€ 54,00
€ 125,00
€ 125,00
Official Diploma Event
€ 11,50
In addition to a lesson fee

**Prices are including VAT.

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