Events Calender

On this page you can find the dates for the diploma events and other upcoming events. Write them in your calendar and set your goals.

Diploma Dates

17 December 2023
4 February 2024
10 March 2024
19 May 2024
26 May 2024
6 July 2024
13 October 2024
20 October 2024
1 December 2024
15 December 2024
Last Registration Date
10 December
28 January
3 March
12 May
19 May
29 June
6 October
13 October
24 November
8 December
Den Haag ( Blinkerd, 19:00)
Amsterdam (Friendship)
Den Hague (Blinkerd 19:00)
Rotterdam (Mannenbad 15:15)
Amsterdam (Friendship)
Den Hague (Blinkerd 19:00)
Den Hague (Blinkerd 19:00)
Amsterdam (Friendship)
Utrecht (De kwakel 13:45)
Den Hague (Blinkerd 19:00)

Christmas Holiday Dates

Leiden, Basalt
Carlton Hotel, Scheveningen
Amsterdam (N), Friendship
Amsterdam (O) Sportfondsenbad
Amsterdam (W), Marnix
Amsterdam (C), Zuiderbad
Amsterdam (Z) Mirandabad
Diemen, AGO
Rotterdam, van Maanenbad
Utrecht, De Kwakel
Den Haag, De Blinkerd
Den haag, Overbosch
Last Session
December 21
December 21
December 17
December 21
December 20
December 22
December 21
December 18
December 20
December 17
December 20
Resuming on:
January 4
January 10
January 6
January 11
January 9
January 7
January 4
January 8
January 7
January 7
January 2

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