We empower people by  teaching them swimming, regardless of age, gender or cultural background.

float in water

Learn how to float

How an individual floats is determined by the buoyant force from water and the pull of gravity. This article explains floating from a physics point of view.

overcome water fear

Overcome fear of water

Over the last 6 years Your Personal Swim Coach has helped people who had to deal with a severe fear of water daily. But what exactly is Aquaphobia and how do we deal with it?

our swim teaching skills

Our learning process

Swimmers at any level are welcome to get started. In order to find the best matching level, we devide our swimmers in three levels Beginners, Stroke Improvers or Advanced swimmers. 

swim diploma adult

Diploma system

Your Personal Swim Coach lessons are structured around the Dutch ABC Diploma curriculum. Find out how it works and what all of them entail!

floating in swimming

Floating in swimming

The science of swimming. Do people float better in salt water in the sea, or fresh water in the swimming pool? And other questions around floating are answered in this article.

stay afloat

How to tread water to stay afloat

Treading water is the key survival technique that enables you to keep your head above water, preventing you from sinking under and potentially drowning.

deep water confident

5 Exercises to do at home to build-up swimming strength

Swimming form get’s shaped during practice in the water, but the strength needed to maximize these skills starts with personal work at home. 

deep water confident

Floating: Why You Still Might Be Struggling

Read this article if you’re still having problems executing the movement.

deep water confident

How do swimmers eat: an introduction

This article will introduce some common food rules in the swimming world (including tips to get you started) and how to keep up good habits over the long term; this as the first of a longer series on the subject.

deep water confident

How to remain motivated during the dark times of the year?

Swimming has a way of acting on everyone differently, but it’s impacts are immense. But how has swimming come to be associated with removing stress and anxiety from our lives and how can it benefit us in the long term, especially in the dark hours of winter.

deep water confident

How do Swimmers Eat: Schedule Specific Tips

Specific pre/post exercise meal planning. Planning meals around your swimming schedule can be a crucial part of making or breaking your learning experience. 

deep water confident

Challenging my fears – Personal Blog by Lucia Salerno

Hello! My name is Lucia, I am 22 years old and I want to share with you my experience in the pool.

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