Payment Conditions

Our focus goes out to swimming lessons so we try to keep the adminstration to a minimum. Check out our payment conditions explained here.


Newcomers to Your Personal Swim Coach start by enroling and paying the signup fee of € 30,50. This amount includes a personal intake, a welcome bag, and a personalized objective plan, made with your coach at the end of the first try-out session.  This video shows  you how to book a Try out lesson.

Following your try-out, all remaining lessons from that month will be invoiced separately at a later date. This video shows you what to expect the day after.

Our school does not offer refunds.

Enroling without IDEAL

Newcomers to Your Personal Swim Coach start by enroling and paying the signup fee of € 30,50. This is still possible for newcomers without an Ideal bank account.

At the bottom of the enrollment document, you see two options: Ideal and Transfer. Click transfer and complete the enrollment procedure. Within one day, you will receive a payment request via the e-mail. As soon as your payment is received by us, your enrollment is official, and your name is on the waiting list.

Webshop option instead of Weekly membership

how about Webshop option instead of weekly membership

For members who (temporarily) cannot commit to a weekly membership, we offer flexible lessons via the web shop.  Each lesson via the webkassa is € 33. After purchase, the lessons are added to your personal profile which you must book for the required pool and date. This video shows you how it works. The purchase cannot be refunded. Swimmers who leave the country for longer than one month, are, upon request, also placed in this group.

All irregular swimmers (IR) will be invoiced € 2,50 administration fee for every month, this covers the zwemscore portal licensing costs.

Swimmers are always welcome to come back to weekly lessons, subject to slots available.

Additional lessons

If you would like to swim more than once a week, members can purchase additional lessons via our web shop. These will be added to your personal profile and can be booked when you want. This video shows you how that works.

Can I use make-up lessons to pay for the next invoice?

Make-up lessons are intended to give you the opportunity to catch-up on the lessons you have cancelled. Swimming regularly helps you to achieve your goals faster. We therefore strongly encourage you to utilize your make-up lessons and book a lesson at an alternative time/location of your preference. Consequently, we do not accommodate the usage of make-up lessons as payment method for an invoice.
However: Your subscription can be switched to irregular/webkassa to make you able to get rid of your make-up lessons. For the irregular subscription we charge a administration fee of € 2,50.

You can e-mail this request before the beginning of the next month to the back office.

Booking a private (elite) lesson

If you request a private lesson, e-mail our back-office team, they will book your 1:2 or 1:1 lesson and you will receive a separate invoice for the amount. The options for 1:1 and 1:2 are limited due to space and coaches. Note that we organise our group according to the level of the students, so there is no need to book a 1:1 or 1:2 lesson just because you are a beginner!


It is possible to cancel your upcoming lesson without charge up until 8 hours before the start of the lesson. This lesson will be credited to your account as a make-up lesson, which you can use later. You can book this lesson at your preferred location and time via your personal Zwemscore profile.

As you have already paid in advance, we will not charge for the make-up lesson, and you do not lose your money. Please note that while the make-up lessons do not have an expiry date, you can only accumulate 7 unused make-up lessons at a time.

A cancellation within the 8 hours leading up to the lesson will still be charged in full. This means you will not receive a make-up lesson in return. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions, no matter what your circumstances are.  This inclused receiving a positive covid test within 8 hours of their class.

Cancelling via email, phone or verbally will not be accepted.

Monthly payment methods

By enroling and digitally signing the payment order, you are authorizing Your Personal Swim Coach to automatically withdraw your monthly lesson fee. You will receive an email notification before the fee is automatically taken from your account. The money is usually withdrawn within 10 working days from the start of the new month. We are not able to refund any payments, no matter the circumstances.

Cancellation of membership

If you wish to terminate your swim program before reaching the final level, we require one-month notice. Since you pay upfront, it is in your best interest to use all your make-up lesson before you go. We won’t refund any amount no matter the circumstances.

Handing over your make up lessons

Swimmers who leave the country and/ or obtained their swimming goals shall unsubscribe themselves via the zwemscore portal. In case they have not utilized all their make up lessons, we are happy to hand them over to a family member or friend on behalf of you.

It is not possible to refund the make up lessons so make sure you have booked them before you are off for good.

Why do I receive the invoice twice

At the end of each month , all swimmers receive and other invoice once again. This document is for their own references. This amount has been paid earlier that same month. This monthly invoice can be used for those swimmers who can claim the money from their employer for example, while others keep it for their own references only. Hence we do not charge you twice. 

Still have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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