Second edition

Dear blogging community,

I’m going to be honest with you; This blog should have started last week along with my first class but something I didn’t expect happened.

At the moment I decided to take the swimming lessons I imagined that it would be a difficult process, given my fear of swimming, but I was confident that I would make it.

I arrived at De Blinkerd (one of the many pools that Your Personal Swim Coach has and where I currently have my classes) and I could see the water from outside the building. All the atmosphere and colors reminded me of that moment so traumatic from childhood from my last experience in the water.

I entered the building, I had to cross the turnstile to get to the changing rooms and enter the pool, my fear of swimming intensified. It seemed like a simple path but it was not. Fear paralyzed me and I couldn’t take a step. I sat in the main room for the 45 minutes that the class lasted without being able to move.

At the end of class, the teachers came out and saw me there, crying with frustration, and they were surprised to hear my story of the fear of swimming. They promised me that next time they would accompany me so that I would not feel alone in the process.

As promised, the next class I arrived a little earlier to meet Lucila, one of the teachers, who accompanied me to tour the place, and to see the pool. She also offered me to observe another class first to see how it worked and to gain confidence with the place.

When it was time for my class, she understood very well how I felt and did everything she could to make me feel comfortable and safe. She helped me get into the water and we started with breathing exercises to slowly let go of being tense and start trusting the water.

In the end it was a wonderful experience, the first big step was to get into the water and I did it. Your Personal Swim Coach has an app called Zwemscore where you can see your progress and receive feedback from your teachers to know your progress in real time and what things you have to improve.

I am very excited for my second class the following week! I am sure that new challenges and emotions are yet to come. Join me to discover it!

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