Your personal swim coach Miel

Meet Victor E

Training experience: Advanced

Nationality: Dutch Dutch swimcoach flag

In the Netherlands since: Native-born

Languages: Dutch, English, beginner German and French

Pool: Amsterdam

About Victor

From 4 years old I started swimming lessons. I was that child that preferred to stay inside the pool rather than to leave. At the moment I am working on my PADI expert diving courses and I love to swim laps two days every week.

I would love to be a houseman. But in
daily life I work in tech with a specialty in quality assurance.

Coaching Style

  • Swimming can be new, scary and exciting. I am here to lead the learning process through a streamlined, safe and engaging method. One-on-one approach and setting personal goals are, in my opinion the best options to make swimming an amazing sport to learn.


  • Swimming diploma A,B,C (2000)
  • Prestatiebrevet 1 and 2 (2001)
  • Snorkeling brevet and PADI open-water (2019).
  • Rescue diving course at the ALO (2017).


Getting comfortable with water, breathing exercises and front crawl are my specialty.

“Just keep swimming – Dory”

Our adult swim classes

Your Personal Swim Coach will help you become a more confident you, a stronger, fitter and healthier you, a happier, care-free you and ensure your success in learning to enjoy and feel safe in and around water!

Water Introduction

If you cannot swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged in water generally.

You took classes before and failed or it has been a very long time ago.

Stroke Introduction

You are comfortable in shallow water but are not able yet to perform all 4 basic strokes.

This level requires you to have passed the introduction program, or you are able to perform a swim a backcrawl, and a single backstroke (froggy leg).


You can swim comfortably in shallow water, however, deep water gives you discomfort.

This level requires you to know all the 4 basic strokes and you have had swim lessons before.


You have no issues in deep water and are able to swim more than one lane without breaking.

These groups work on improving their swimming skills and stamina and follow the program for Diplomas A, B, and C.

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