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Training experience:
5 years

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In the Netherlands since:

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The Hague


I was just four years-old when I was introduced to swimming.  By the time I was six, I began doing competitions and was quite successful. As I got older, I started to teach swimming and realized I preferred it, although I continue to swim with my student swim association in Leiden. I received my swimming instructor diploma in 2017, and did a general sports instructor diploma in 2018.  As a competitive swimmer, I have attended a lot of competitions, both local and national. In my opinion, the best way to learn swimming is repetition in order to stimulate muscle memory. 

In addition to swimming, I am also a student at Leiden University doing a Master’s in Economic and Consumer Psychology.


Coaching Style:

Typically, I explain why we practice a certain drill. I also think repetition of correct technique is important, as this builds muscle memory. I try to be super enthusiastic with my swimmers, and at the end the lesson I give feedback for areas to improve.  



In the past I have been successful with teaching backstroke (this is also my favorite stroke). But I think my most proud accomplishment is when someone who is afraid of water, makes their first dive into water with no fear. 

This is from Dory in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming!”

Our adult swim classes

Your Personal Swim Coach will help you become a more confident you, a stronger, fitter and healthier you, a happier, care-free you and ensure your success in learning to enjoy and feel safe in and around water!

Water Introduction

If you cannot swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged in water generally.

You took classes before and failed or it has been a very long time ago.


You can swim comfortable in shallow water, however deep water gives you discomfort.

This level requires for you know all the 4 basic strokes and you have had swim lessons before.


If you have no issues in  deep water and able to swim more than  200m without getting exhausted.

You want to become fitter and stronger and swimming is your weekly workout.

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