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How it all began....

Christina, the founder of YPSC, is a NRZ certified swim instructor, a certified NLP master and international rowing athlete. Her journey to begin a swimschool, started in 2012. Thanks to an interesting turn in her career. Ever since, she is unstoppable to fulfill her mission; empowering people by teaching them how to swim.

"While living and working in Kenya for two years as a manager in horticulture, I enjoyed teaching others how to swim. I was not a teacher at that time yet, but just a ‘decent swimmer’.  Still, my level of swimming was what a lot of people aimed for.  Even more, if you cannot even get yourself ín the water! That was the first time I realized how hard it can be dealing with fear of water. Secondly, how much fun you are missing out that way as well".

Christina came back to The Netherlands and decided to get off the corporate track. She kept following her internal desire to motivate people by sharing her passion for the water.  After obtaining her qualifications and internships at several schools, she came up with the idea to start private lessons for adults in The Hague. Almost immediately, the response was viral. The concept she offers is exactly what a lot of people were waiting for apparently.

"We all experience that our mindset can keep us away from the objects we have in life. Fear for example, is a natural biological reaction aiming to protect us from danger. However, the proportion of fear can be out of context. Then it is nearly impossible to learn new things, or the get the best of yourself. When I was able to understand this, I could communicate with our students in a more effective way. Within a couple of lessons, students make steps forward that they could not imagine. This process is very inspiriting.  It makes me want to help more adults and introduce them to the joy of water. It humbles me that our students allow us to work with them. They are our heroes!”

​Your Personal swim Coach started with two instructors and less than 20 swimmers only. Within less than 4 years, they grew to over 30 coaches and 600 swimmers every weekly all over the country. They are a licensed school now, allowed to hand out ENVOZ swim diplomas. ENVOZ is part of the STA network hence all diplomas are translated in several languages and internationally acknowledged.

"I owe a big thank- you to Mandy, who stand by my side along those first years. You should  definitely meet here and enjoy one of her lessons in The Hague. Together with our team, we have taught hundreds of people how to swim. I will continue expanding our locations and our team of coaches. Everyone who will cross our path will be welcomed with open arms.  I can’t wait to help you to achieve your goals."

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