Meet Mike Bumanlag

Training experience: 8 years competitive coaching



American swimcoach flag

In the Netherlands since: August 2022

Languages: English ; Tagalog

Location: Den Hague

About Mike

“You are as good as the efforts you put in.”

Unlike other swimmers, I started swimming at a late age. I learned how to swim in the spring of 2014 then joined a college swim team in the summer 2014..

Later on that year I was hired at a private gym to teach childrens and adults how to swim (where I taught for 7 years.) that same year, I became an assistant swim coach for a competitive team (where I
coached for 5 years.) then i started working privately with a few swimmers who archived qualifying times.

While coaching competitively I went on several Coaches Clinics to continue learning. Later, the Head coach of the competitive team and I recruited a group of adults/ parents with none to some level on
swimming and we built a masters program where adults at any age can compete.

For me, learning to swim doesn’t stop at knowing how to swim. Swimming is not only a life-saving skill but also offers many positive effects such as it helps improve cardiovascular health, coordination, and body awareness, it’s also very good for light exercises for recovery after an injury.

I spend my free time doing things like spending time with my Girlfriend, photography, indoor bouldering, top roping, travel, and any other activities that sound interesting to me.


Coaching Style

Before coaching and making adjustments on a swimmer, I like to take a few minutes to get to know them. like what’s their goal? and find out if they have past/ current injuries, fear, asthma, etc.. then
assess their current technique. My coaching style really focuses on a swimmer’s technique. Building a strong foundation on swimmers basics and making them understand the proper mechanics of the stroke.

I use a variety of drill progressions based on the swimmer’s swim level, flexibility, and mobility. I enjoy breaking down a swimmer’s technique by recording a video of them swimming (with their permission.) And most importantly I make sure each swimmer gets enough 1 on 1 during their lesson where I can explain the skills, demonstrate what I’m looking for, watch them do it and provide them constructive immediate feedback.



Asca level 1 certificate ,

Asca level 2 stroke school certificate,

Asca level 3 knowledge and experience.



All swimmers from children to adults and seniors with none to little experience to highly competitive swimmers. I specialize in constructing the best strokes for my swimmers.


“Rise and Shine! Everybody should be able to enjoy the water!”.”

Our adult swim classes

Your Personal Swim Coach will help you become a more confident you, a stronger, fitter and healthier you, a happier, care-free you and ensure your success in learning to enjoy and feel safe in and around water!


If you cannot swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged in water generally.

If you have taken   classes before and   failed, join our beginners groups and we teach you how to float first.

Stroke improvers

If you can float and swim but are afraid of deep water.

You can swim but are complete exhausted after swimming 1 lane.

You can join the intermediate or A group and enjoy our support with the first moves in the deep water.


If you have no issues in the deep water and able to swim two laps without getting  exhausted.

you can join the diploma groups or sportclass, come weekly or book individual lessons. Objective is working on stamina and improving techniques.

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