Meet Courtney

Training experience: 8 years

Nationality: Dutch Flag of the Netherlands - Wikipedia

In the Netherlands since: 2018

Languages: Dutch, English

Location: Utrecht

About Courtney

“Believe. Achieve.”

A competitive swimmer for 14 years (ages 7-21). Coached kids of all ages in all levels. Also worked as an assistant coach. Has a lot of insight on coaching, the water, and swimming experience.

I am also a masters student as well as a fitness influencer. 

Coaching Style

While understanding the life of swimming is overwhelming, I break down each skill and learning process step by step to loosen up the pressure and help the swimmers become less intimidated. In order for them to have their attention it is important to observe the pace of how fast the swimmers learn so I know when to enter a new skill.


-While studying and swimming in the United States, I’ve picked up lifeguarding as well as CPR certificates.
– KNZB Rescue Skill 2023


I find myself more fluent and successful with students who are already advanced and are familiar with being in the deep end of the pool. butterfly and freestyle are the two strokes I am very successful with and successful teaching.

“Every drop of effort creates a ripple of progress.”

Our adult swim classes

Your Personal Swim Coach will help you become a more confident you, a stronger, fitter and healthier you, a happier, care-free you and ensure your success in learning to enjoy and feel safe in and around water!


If you cannot swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged in water generally.

If you have taken   classes before and   failed, join our beginners groups and we teach you how to float first.

Stroke improvers

If you can float and swim but are afraid of deep water.

You can swim but are complete exhausted after swimming 1 lane.

You can join the intermediate or A group and enjoy our support with the first moves in the deep water.


If you have no issues in the deep water and able to swim two laps without getting  exhausted.

you can join the diploma groups or sportclass, come weekly or book individual lessons. Objective is working on stamina and improving techniques.

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