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Overcoming Your Fear of Water – Quick Tip #3

“Something made you afraid in water. For most people, it was a frightening experience in water or possibly out of water. Also for most people, a parent was afraid in water or “didn’t swim.” For a few people, the cause of fear is unknown. Virtually always, there was a loss of control. This fear can be healed” (Melon Dash, Conquer Your Fear of Water: An Innovative Self-Discovery Course in Swimming, page 5).

Overcoming Your Fear of Water – Quick Tip #2

Tip #2: Mastering a skill, such as gliding in the water, means you are able to do it without thinking. When you reach this stage through repetition with our patient coaches, you are ready to move onto the next step. 
At Your Personal Swim Coach, we appreciate your courage and we have the patience to help you until you feel in yourself that you have truly mastered a skill. You can always check feedback from your personal coach by checking our Zwemscore system. This can give you the encouragement you need, so you know that the repetition is paying off and you are doing well!

Overcoming your fear of water: quick tip #1

Tip #1:  Feeling safe in the water comes from realizing that you are in control. When you have that, then you can gain the focus you need to be able to concentrate on learning the skills of swimming.
Our expert swim coaches stay in the water with you during the first stage of our learning progression, so that you are able to feel safe and comfortable with the knowledge that you are in our capable hands.

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