Not being able to swim is way more common than you thought. No, it does not happen only to adults and yes, rich countries are also greatly affected. In the following short article, we will discover the main reasons why some people can not swim and how we can overcome this issue.

A quarter of British people don't think they could swim to a primary school  standard | YouGov
Statistics from the UK

Reasons vary:

Learning how to swim may be time-consuming: Yes, we get it, it may feel like it will take forever to learn how to swim. Many people do not have swimming lessons at school, and they get busy as they grow. Society keeps us very entertained with jobs, and consumption-related needs, among others. However, Your Personal Swim Coach offers a perfect solution for that. Training weekly, once or twice a week, will little by little let you achieve all your goals while also accomplishing all your other tasks. Swimming is a skill for life, it will never going to go away, and it will always be very useful.

You may experience anxiety or discomfort with your body: Many people are reluctant to go to the pool or to the beach because of physical-appearance concerns. This is totally valid, we understand that society can be very harsh with looks nowadays. However, respect will always be one of the core values of YPSC. Moreover, we offer highly a personalized experience that will allow you to choose the swimming clothes that make you feel comfortable,

Fear produced by traumatic experiences or aquaphobia: Many people fear water. It is completely normal. It happens to many more people than you think. Lucky you, because we are trained to help you overcome those fears. Our coaches have been trained to teach people that may be reluctant to get into contact with water. Our slow-paced approach will ensure your comfort and will never put you at risk. We are here to help

Not having access to local bodies of water and not knowing key techniques: Our beginners face this challenge. We know how to introduce beginners to the water and what techniques should be taught at the start of the process. It is never too late!

Not seeing any use in learning how to swim: Believe us, whether you want to take care of your children, get a qualified job, or simply be safe, swimming will always be one of the most useful swims ever!

More than half of Americans can't swim well enough to save themselves. Can  you?
Safety first!
Possible reasonPossible solution
It is time-consumingWe can help you get it done week by week!
Anxiety or discomfort with your body:Constant support from coaches and office
Traumatic experiencesOur coaches have been trained to help you
Not knowing basic techniques Our beginners’ program can solve that
Not see any use in swimming It can save your life

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