Swimming is globally known for being a sport that brings a variety of benefits for health. Whether you are a child or adult, swimming may be the sport you are looking for if you want to train your body and healthily develop. In today´s article, we explore one of the most fascinating benefits of swimming – strengthening your back.

Swimming will both keep you safe and strengthen your back – let´s see how

Swimming and your back: 6 good to knows

Why is swimming so good for your back? Let´s summarize it in 6 key points:

              1. It provides a whole-body workout: especially beneficial to the latissimus dorsi muscle (also known as the “lats”) in your back. It also works out your chest, arms, legs, glutes, and core – increasing your strength

              2. Strengthening your heart/body at low cost: swimming is low-to-medium impact cardio, perfect for those that have been advised not to do high-impact sports. For that matter, it is also a fun way to burn calories!

If you want to know more about this benefit of swimming, check the following research about how swimming works the heart and lungs.

              3. Relieve back pain: According to Jeffrey Wang, MD – Co-Director of the University of Southern California Spine Center, Keck School of Medicine, it is important to understand that exercises with the strengthening of the paraspinal muscles are a vital element to help with supporting the spine and potentially reducing back pain.

              4. Improve your postures and rounded shoulders: Swimming strengthens the level of core stability with regards to the back and shoulder region. This leads to better posture. Swimming is important for keeping yourself straighter in the water, using less energy for the same distances, and improving your technique.

              5. You can build muscle faster: Swimming can build muscle faster than traditional cardio exercises like running. The constant pushing and pulling against the water helps you build muscle capacity and endurance – this will for sure also strengthen your back muscles!

              6. Reduce osteoarthritis pain: Swimming is ideal for someone with this condition. It places far less stress on the joints as compared to most exercises that are performed on land. If you suffer pain because of this condition, you may see results after swimming for a while.

If you want to know about the relationship between swimming and your bones, check the following link about bone tissue and swimming.


Overall, swimming has incredible benefits for your entire body. Your back will be grateful if you choose to swim. It is a good investment in long-term health, strength, and good posture! Overall, and most importantly, you will feel confident in the water. Strongback and swimming skills will protect you and ensure your safety.

Let´s jump into the pool!
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