Monthly Newsletter – September

Hereby our monthly newsletter full with important dates and other general information for all our current swimmers.  Our current swimmers can be those who swim weekly or our irregular swimmers who buy loose lessons via webkassa.

Learn more about the diploma program and get motivated to join this time or , if the dates come to early the next season. In general, our swimmers need 10-12 months to reach this great event. 

Pool Opening Dates

Hobbemastraat 26, 1071 ZC Amsterdam

Zuiderbad Sep 08

The water temperature is fresh. Our lessons are in process during public hours so the atmosphere is lively and social.

The Zuiderbad is accessible from all directions by foot, bike or public transport. The parking is paid, spaces are not always easy to find.

Marnixplein 1, 1015 ZN Amsterdam

Marnix Sep 04

A modern pool, centrally located in city center.  The shallow water pool (1.40m) is warm and nice. No other visitors allowed than our students. The stroke improvers and advanced swimmers use the same pool with the floor lower at max 2m.

Kriekenoord 17, 1111 PT Diemen

Ago Diemen Aug 22

A small private pool originally utilized for aqua therapy. Therefore the water is nicely warm which gives ideal teaching conditions. This pool is shallow till semi deep hence perfect for beginners and stroke improvers. 

Seinpoststraat 150, 2586 HC Den Haag

De Blinkerd Aug 27

Perfect for small groups set up (1:5)  is still a great way to learn how to swim. All beginners sessions are in shallow water too, with a coach with you in the water at all times. The advanced swimmers will be challenged in deep water.

Meet the coach

Meet Lucila, our coach in Carlton Beach Hotel, Scheveningen and back up coach in Den Haag. She not only guides those swimmers who book the Private Elite Sessions in Scheveningen, but also is the one who picks up the phone or answers your email.

A look into diploma exam


What our gradautes say

“I had a great experience learning how to swim here, all the caoches were very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend.”


Need to Cancel Your Class

Our swimmers have 24/7 access to their personal page at zwemscore. Some swimmers think they can not log it, but by fact there are lots of different swimschools working with zwemscore. So in case of doubts, log in via our website to end up at the correct page.  Log in here.

Those lesson cancelled 8hours or more before class starts, are a make up lesson which can be booked at any pool, day or time.  Find more info in our FAQ.


Lesson Program 

Rather you learn a lanagues or a life saving skill like swimming, there is always a dicactical progam to fallow.

Our lessons start from scratch and continue all the way to advanced level C.  It all starts with the fundamental basics like floating and opening your eyes under water. Swimmers who are comfortable in water may move fasther to the next level. We do not hold swimmers back but neither push those swimmers who simply need a bit more time to feel comfortable in the water.

Each lesson is monitored by Your Personal Coach. you may meet an other coach the next week but the program is in line with your last lesson. Reaching 100% means going up to the next level! 


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For more information:

You can send us an email at

Or call us on +31 85 500 4009 , daily from 9:00 till 12:00h

For Questions you can also check our FAQ page

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