Meet Antontio

Training experience:

Nationality: Italian

In the Netherlands since: Spring 2022

Languages: Italian, English


Started going to the swimming pool when I was 6 years old, I immediately realized that water was my element, the freedom that can give you is just incredible. Year by year I increased the time spent between swimming lanes and then I became a professional swimmer initially in Italy then in France doing a lot of nationals and international competitions. Between my training time, as I was basically living in the swimming pool, I also started to give swimming lessons to children, adults and as well people that just recovered from injury.

Moved to the Netherlands in spring 2020, I work as an IT technician and besides swimming I am passionate about all types of sport.

Coaching Style:

Everyone is unique, and in a swimming pool this is extremely important. I like to understand the skills, weaknesses and strengths of every athlete that I follow so I can adjust the way of giving the lessons. Everyone has their own objective and to reach that is fundamental to move ”step by step”, you cannot reach the top of the mountain if you don’t start from the bases.


When I was a professional swimmer my specialty was medley so I had to swim and have good technique on all types of swimming styles. Is very important to me to make a correction of a mistake immediately to avoid that wrong movement become natural, so more difficult to adjust later. I like to teach and explain why I ask to do certain exercises so the athlete can understand what is needed and the reasons behind.

“The gestures of swimming are the most similar to flying. Water gives to the arms what the air offers to the wings.”

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