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If you are an expat living in Leiden, by now, you may well have noticed the amount of open water!   If you enjoy bicycling in the city, you may wish to feel safer as you navigate the bridges and canals.
Of course, you may also want to get ready for visiting the beach, pools or the many lakes this summer.

Don’t miss out!   We can help you prepare yourself for all these activities and make the most of your life in this beautiful part of The Netherlands!

If you are looking for adult swimming lessons in English, then look no further!

We offer small group (3-5 students) lessons for complete beginners in the shallow water, to advanced learners who are ready to learn in the deep water.

You can meet other expats, enjoy personal coaching at your own pace and discover a love for the water. At the same time you will gain the swimming skills to become confident in all situations in the water!

Our private pool at the Rijnslands Revalidatie Centrum offers a pleasant environment for both beginners and advanced swimmers. Luckily, the water is nicely warm and ideal when you are starting out with swimming, especially during those cold, Leiden winters!

The beginning swimmers start in the shallow water, and the coach is with you in the water at all times, to make sure that you are comfortable and safe.
We offer small group classes (maximum of 5 swimmers per coach) in English and have no waiting lists!

Beginners are welcome on Thursday evenings at 20:30 in the shallow pool where they are guided by our coaches in hands-on, personalized lessons.

As soon as you progress to intermediate level, you will continue with lessons in the deep water on Thursdays at 21:15. This lesson is great for those who want to gain an ABC swimming diploma and for swimmers who are ready to brush up their skills to become a better swimmer.

Sport swimmers and technique improvers who want to brush up their skills to become a better swimmer are also welcome, they are welcome to join the advanced course or sports swimming class.

Want to learn as a family and take swimming lessons at the same time as your kids?  Then why not join our family classes, starting in shallow water in Zoeterwoude, then moving to deep water in Voorschoten!   Both these locations are within easy reach of Leiden, and you and your kids can both gain the skills of swimming in English and spend some quality time together!

Not sure which swimming level is for you?  Find out more about our class levels and learning progression

Find your lesson using our Lesson Finder.  Filter to South Holland to find lessons in the Leiden area.

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Our Lessons

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Our Locations

Basalt Revalidatie Centrum, Wassenaarseweg

Wassenaarseweg 501, Leiden
Thursday 20:30 – 21:15 Beginners
Thursday 21:15 – 22:00 Advanced & Sports class

Wassenaarseweg 501, 2333 AL Leiden, Netherlands

All our coaches

  • Fahrad

    As far as I can remember I have always enjoyed being in the pool or sea. I am born and raised in Tehran,Iran. I gained my life guard diploma when I was 19 years old and during my university studies in Iran I also worked as a pool life guard. At the age 22 I received my coaching licence. I moved to Holland  to continue my studies at TU Delft university and  joined the swimming team (DSZ Wave). During my time as a student l participated in swimming competition, which I continue to do so today.
    I am passionate about helping other swimmers better themselves.

    “By dividing the complex swimming stroke into smaller steps, I help my students with accomplishing their swimming goals.”

  • Aron

    At an early childhood, swimming was a big part of my life. Mainly, because I live near the sea so it was a must-have to learn how to swim at a young age. After I got my swimming certificates, I joined the rescue-squad in Katwijk. Joining the rescue-squad was a great way to combine my favorite hobby: swimming and to be able to rescue people who are drowning. After five years I quitted the rescue-squad with a big knowledge about swimming techniques. Currently, I am a chemistry student in Leiden.

    “Oxygen is overrated anyway ;)”