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If you are an expat living in Amsterdam, you may well have noticed by now, the amount of open water around!   If you enjoy bicycling in the city, you may wish to feel safer as you navigate the bridges and canals! If you are looking for adult swimming lessons in English language, then look no further!   We offer small group (3-5 students) lessons for complete beginners in the shallow water, to advanced learners who are ready to learn in the deep water.   You can meet other expats, enjoy personal coaching to suit your own needs and at your own pace and discover a love for the water as you gain the swimming skills to become confident in all situations in the water! Friendship Sports Center in Amsterdam Noord (North) is a hyper modern facility and originally built for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities.    So luckily, the water is nicely warm and ideal when you are starting out with swimming, especially during those cold, Amsterdam winters! The beginning swimmers start in the shallow water, and the coach is with you in the water at all times, to make sure that you are comfortable and safe. We offer private elite classes (maximum of 2 swimmers per coach) or small group classes (maximum of 5 swimmers per coach). Technique improvers and sports swimmers, who want to brush up their skills to become a better swimmer are also welcome, they are welcome to join the advanced course or sports swimming class. The friendship Sport Center offers free parking places and there is a canteen as well. If you live in Amsterdam South, you may want to consider Diemen instead, which is only 6km from the city centre and is easy to reach by bus number 44. We now have a new location in central Amsterdam for both beginners and advanced swimmers, Fridays at the Zuiderbad. Not sure which swimming level is for you?  Find out more about our class levels and learning progression Find your lesson using our Lesson Finder.  Filter to North Holland to find lessons in the Amsterdam area. Why not join our North Holland Meet-Up group to keep track of the lessons schedule?

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Our Locations

Friendship Sports Center

Beemsterstraat 652, Amsterdam
Sunday 16.45-17.30 Advanced
Tuesday 19.00-19.45 Beginners


, Amsterdam
Friday 19.00-19.45 Beginners
Friday 20.00-20.45 All levels

Friendship Sports Centre, Beemsterstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hobbemastraat 26, Amsterdam, Netherlands

All our coaches

  • Amber

    As a child I loved sports. Not just swimming, but every sport. As a result, I ended up pursuing my education in athletics. Teaching was something I enjoyed quite a bit and I soon found out that I could combine my two passions. It all just came together and just like that... I became a swimming instructor. In my 15 years of experience, I have taught people of all ages including babies. I have learned and achieved a lot throughout the years and am very excited to put that knowledge to use now in Diemen. I would love to help you to reach your swim goals.

    "Big goals, little goals, any goals - I am here to help. I truly believe that only those who attempt , will achieve".

  • Lucio

    I was born in Sicily, where I played in the semi-professional water polo division for many years. At the young age of 19, after I was selected for a pilot training within the air force, I enrolled myself in the swimming section of the air force. After leaving the air force I realized I could also help other people by being more than just a uniform. Now that I am living in the Netherlands, I work as a physiotherapist. It allows me to keep people mobile and to motivate them to get and stay fit and healthy. Swimming is just the perfect excise to achieve that goal.

    "A perfect lesson is about letting go of your fears and having fun! And dont forget the technique I apply strictly."

  • Axel

    Hi all, I am part of the team in Diemen. I have spent a lot of time in pools; I was 8 years old when I started playing water polo and participated in competitive swimming. I picked up coaching when I was 15 years old and I am now still coach while following my education . The last 4 years I have been focusing more intensively on how to become a teacher and I have even got certified by KNZB. At the moment I am coaching the advanced swimmers which is such a joy for me; all the feedback that I am giving to my students makes them swim faster and with less effort each time.

    "Welcome students from whever you are. Diemen is my hometown so it would be my pleasure meeting you there in the pool."