Payment Conditions

Our focus goes out to swimming lessons so we try to keep the adminstration to a minimum. Check out our payment conditions explained here.


Newcomers to Your Personal Swim Coach start by enroling and paying the signup fee of € 22,50. This amount includes a personal intake, a welcome bag, and a personalized objective plan, made with your coach at the end of the first try-out session.

Following your try-out, all remaining lessons from that month will be invoiced separately at a later date.  

We don't refund payments.


Web shop option instead of weekly membership

For members who cannot commit to a weekly membership, we now offer a package of 5 individual lessons via the web shop. After purchase, the lessons are added to your personal profile which you must book for the required pool and date.  The purchage can not be refunded.

Additional lessons

If you would like to swim more than once a week, members can purchase a package of 5 individual lessons via our web shop.  These will be added to your personal profile and can be booked when you want. 

keeping to many Catch-up lessons

We advice you to not keep more that 4 catch-up lessons at all time. You can use them at any pools in your own town or an other place.  You can view the updated number of catch-up lessons on your Zwemscore account at all times.   We do not refund any amount for these catch up lessons no matter the circumstances.

Costs for a Diploma swim event

The costs for participating at a diploma event are € 7,50 in addition to a normal lesson fee. Prior to the event, swimmers will receive an invoice which needs to be paid in advance.

Booking a private (elite) lesson

If you request a private lesson, e-mail our back-office team, they will book your 1:2 or 1:1 lesson and you will receive a separate invoice for the amount.  

Sport class fees

Sport class swimmers train in advanced groups with more than 5 people therefore, the fee structure is different. Have you finished the diploma program and aim to continue in the sport class? If so, the back-office team will adjust your fee accordingly.


It is possible to cancel your upcoming lesson without charge up until 8 hours before the start of the lesson. This lesson credit or ‘catchup lesson’, (‘Inhaal lessen’ in Dutch) is then added to your account and you can use it later. You can book this lesson at your required location and time via your personal Zwemscore profile.

As you have already paid in advance, we will not charge for the catch-up lesson, and you do not lose your money.   Please note that while the catch-up lessons do not have an expiry date, you can only accumulate 4 unused catch-up lessons at a time.

A cancellation within the 8 hours leading up to the lesson will still be charged in full. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions, no matter what your circumstances are. Cancelling via email, phone or verbally will not be honored.

Monthly payment methods

By enrolling and digitally signing the payment order, you are authorizing Your Personal Swim Coach to automatically withdraw your monthly lesson fee. You will receive an email notification before the fee is automatically taken from your account. The money is usually withdrawn within 5 working days of the start of the new month. We are not able to refund any payments, no matter of the circumstances.

Cancellation of membership

 If you wish to terminate your swim program, we require one-month notice. Since you pay upfront, it is in your best interest to use all your lesson credits and any ‘catch-up’ lessons before you go. We wont refund any amount no matter the circumstances.

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