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Payment conditions

Payment system

By enrolling and digitally signing the payment order, you are authorising Your Personal Swim Coach to automatically withdraw your monthly lessons fee. We will withdraw the amount to cover all the lessons of the following month at the beginning of that month. For example, if you swim every Sunday and there are 4 Sundays in February, you pay for all 4 lessons up front (see the next section on absences). You will receive an email notification before the fee is automatically withdrawn. The money is usually withdrawn within 5 working days of the start of the new month.


If you need to miss a lesson, please let us know as soon as possible, and at least 8 hours in advance. The missed lesson, which we call the catch-up lesson (inhaal lessen in Dutch), is then added to your account and you can use it at a later date. You can book the catch-up lesson on your personal Zwemscore profile. You can swim at any YPSC location and time that suits you. As you have already paid in advance, we will not charge for the catch-up lesson, and you don't lose your money.   Please note that while the catch-up lessons do not have an expiry date, you can only accumulate 7 unused catch-up lessons at a time. We therefore recommend using up your catch-up lessons as soon as you can.

Invoice  March ( including Corona closure)

Since the pools closed since March 16th, you will be compensated you for the lessons that you have paid in March.  deduct the amount from your April invoice. For example, if you swim on Sundays you will have been invoiced for 5 lessons. However, as you will only be able to attend 3 lessons, we will deduct the remaining 2 lessons from your April invoice. In April, there are 4 Sundays but because of Corona and Easter, you can only attend 2 lessons. As we will deduct the 2 lessons from March, this balances out the 2 lessons in April which you can attend so you will not have to pay anything in April.

Cancellation of membership

If you have completed your swim programme or do not wish to continue swimming, please let us know one month in advance by email. As the lessons are paid in advance, we recommend that you use up all your lessons and catch-up lessons before you leave. For example, if you want to stop swimming in April, you pay for the month of March and complete your March lessons. After your final lesson in March, we will remove you from our list.

If you have any questions regarding our payment conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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