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Payment conditions

Payment system

While enrolling and providing your digital signature, you allow and authorize Your Personal Swim Coach to automatically withdraw your monthly lesson fee. We will withdraw the amount of potential lessons you would have for the month at the beginning of the month through direct debit. For instance, if you swim on Sundays, and in February there are 4 Sundays, you will pay for 4 lessons up front regardless of your attendance. You will receive a notification on your email address prior to the automatic withdrawment. The money will approximately be withdrawn within five business days at the start of the new month.


If you would like to sign-off for a lesson, your catch-up lessons have value! If you cannot make it for one of your lessons, you can cancel with only 8 hours notice. Once cancelled, an ‘inhaal lesson’ gets added to your account. You can redeem this ‘inhaal lesson’ via your personal Zwemscore profile to make-up the lesson you missed. This can be done at any YPSC location and time, based on your preferences. Since you technically already paid, this catch-up lesson is already paid up, and you don't lose your money.

Please note that that the catch-up lessons do not have an expiration date, however you can only have seven unused catch-up lessons. We therefore advise to make full use of the make-up possibilities.

Cancellation of membership

If you are done completely with your swim program, we require a one-month notice by email. Since you pay up front now, it is in your best interest to use all of your lessons and catch-up lessons before you go. So, if you want to stop swimming in April, you will pay for the month of March, complete your March lessons, and then after your final lesson in March, we will remove you.

If you may have any questions regarding our payment conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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