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About our Teenagers and Older Kids Swimming Lessons

Your Personal Swim Coach is highly aware of the large number of teenage moving to the Netherlands from abroad who are not yet able to swim.   This can mean missing out on fantastic opportunities for fun with friends and not being able to take part in new experiences.  Although there are quite a lot of good swimming schools available for children,  for most teenagers being put in a group of younger children, 5 and 6 years of age, can be rather discouraging and not that fun.

That is why we welcome all kids aged 10-17 to our special teens classes which are given in Dutch and English (other languages available upon request), in groups of 3-5 students only per instructor. We will prepare them for the official ABC Diploma exams and focus on building endurance, confidence, and enjoyment in the water.

It is so important to be be safe and confident in the water when living in this water-logged country.  Don't let your child go unprepared, contact us today to arrange a trial lesson!

  • Locations:   In Zwembad Het Wedde, Voorschoten, we run groups of teenagers on a seasonal basis.  Otherwise, teenagers are welcome to join our adult classes, as part of a very small group with a lot of personal instruction.  Contact us to find out more!
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