Experts in swimming lessons for adults

Sport swimming lessons

In these, our most advanced-level lessons, you will learn to improve your technique in all four strokes, in order to help you perform better as an athlete.   Learn to develop the most efficient, smoothest and fastest technique for Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly!

Learn the skills needed to be effective in swimming as a sport, for example diving, underwater movements to propel your start, and tumble turning.   Enjoy swimming as a great, low-impact sport that can be practised all year round and gain fitness, strength and a balanced body.

We can also help you with swimming as a means to another sport, for example Kite Surfing.  The course provides personalized lessons to ensure the best results for each and every swimmer according to their needs and goals.

Training for an event involving, either indoor or outdoor swimming?  We can also help you with the skills needed to swim outdoors and for stamina. In the warmer months, we also offer special outdoor swimming training classes.  Contact Us to find out more about these classes.

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