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Sport Swimming lessons

In these, our most advanced-level lessons, you will learn to improve your technique in all four strokes, as well as to continue working on your stamina.   Learn to develop the most efficient, smoothest and fastest technique for Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly!

After obtaining your A, B or C diploma with Your Personal Swim Coach, it is time to move on and forward.  So let's learn the skills needed to be effective in swimming as a sport or while training for an open water swimming event. Or simply swimming as a great, low-impact sport that can be practised all year round and gain fitness, strength and a balanced body.

What ever your objectives are, our Sport swimming lessons will suit you. These lessons  provide personalized lessons to ensure the best results for each and every swimmer according to their needs and goals.

how does it work:

  • Commit weekly to a fixed group with same coach and give your Learning process the most intensive boost. Enroll online and become a student based on weekly sessions. The standard enrolling fee is € 22,50. This inclused a personal intake chat, a welcome bag and two lessons at your prefered time and location. The weekly fee is € 18,95 per session.


  •  Need more flexibility and  can't commit weekly? you can still  benefit of the personal attention given by one qualified coach. Simply book your single lessons ahead via our webshop. Our coach know when you are comming ,so together you can continue your on your Learning goals. The flexible fee is € 20 per session.

The fee includes 45 minutes of intensive work out and coaching , guided by one of our  Eglish speaking coaches. The group takes a max of 8 swimmers only.  Your Personal Swim Coach bookes her prive lanes for our students only.

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