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Small Group Beginners Lessons

Enjoy learning to swim with a small group of expat adults in exactly the same situation as yourself!  With our expertise, careful guidance and enjoyable lesson plans, you will soon find that you look forward to coming to your group lesson each week!

A friendly atmosphere means you will soon feel comfortable and meet new people with whom to share your journey towards water confidence!

Participants will become familiar with the water at their own pace, as well as learn the basic skills for proper body position and breathing techniques. We are aware that new adult swimmers may be nervous or fearful of the water, but at the same time we know that sharing the process with others is more fun and more productive. Through these adult group lessons, we will help alleviate your fear of the water and introduce you to the basic water skills at your own comfort level.

Our instructors will be with you in the water constantly. This allows them to provide hands-on instruction and security to you during your lesson. Together, with no more than 4 other students, you will learn the 4 basic strokes once you have gained basic skills and confidence in the water. The basic strokes are: breast crawl (freestyle), back crawl, breast stroke (sculling) and single back stroke (sculling legs). We will also teach you safety strokes, floating techniques, treading water, and breathing techniques.

By the end of this program, you will have all the confidence you need to enjoy any body of water - from the pool to the beach on your summer holidays! The goal of these lessons is to help you achieve your A certificate according to the Dutch ABC Swimming Guidelines. We also use this class and the Private Elite Class to help you eventually transition from the shallow water pool to the deep water pool.

Locations: Eindhoven, Den Haag, Leiden, Rotterdam, Amsterdam

Days and Times: Please check the new schedule for more information

Watch this video to see our Beginners Small Groups Swimming Classes in action and find out what to expect!

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