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Rescue Swimming

Rescue Swimming refers to a set of skills that enables an individual to attempt a rescue when a fellow swimmer is struggling in the water.

These skills include a combination of communication skills, specific “rescue” swimming strokes, as well as release and evade techniques for self-preservation in the event that something starts to go wrong. Our specialist rescue swimming course will give you the skills to react in an emergency with confidence.

In a land covered in open water, danger is ever-present and you never know when someone may need help, including a member of your own family.   Also, with so many people participating in water sports, having the ability to save someone in trouble could not be more valuable.

In addition to our specialist rescue workshops, Your Personal Swim Coach offers valuable training as a constituent of our  Advanced courses where learners are working towards their A, B and C diplomas.. The skills, abilities, and knowledge we provide you with will  make you more capable to react confidently in a possible emergency.

Rescue Swimming Workshops

Join all 3 sessions and feel completely safe during your next holidays as well as in day-to-day situations living in The Netherlands.  Book Now!


  • Sunday May 6th,
  • Sunday June 3rd
  • Sunday July 8th

This is an intensive program for adults and kids who want to feel more secure while heading the summer holidays or in day-to-day situations that could occur whilst living in this land reclaimed from the water.

The content is is partly based on a C+level survival diploma, adapted to include sea survival skills as well as water-related first aid skills. Additionally, you will practice other lifesaving skills relating to boating accidents as well as dealing with hypothermia and other physical disorders in the water.

In this series of 3 workshops, each session will offer new elements, so following all 3 is highly recommended. The course will run on 3 Sunday afternoons, which can be booked individually, although we recommend the full course of 3.

At the end of the course you will be able to take the right decision in case of unexpected situations near and in the water. Your will feel prepared to potentially save the life of another in trouble in the water.

If you are parent, this course is highly suitable for you in preparing you with the skills you may need to help your children in a potential drowning situation.

Adults and Children are welcome, participants should have A level diploma / be able to swim confidently.
There is no need to be a perfect swimmer but if your skills are not sufficient to undergo this course, we would be happy to welcome you to one of our swimming instruction courses first.

You are welcome to contact Your Personal Swim Coach to discuss whether you are ready for a rescue course and inform you about all our lesson courses. Email us at or call +31 619468131


14:00 Welcome and introduction

14:15 Theoretical instruction with video

14:45 Changing into swimming gear

15:00 Instruction and practice in the pool, divided into 3 small groups.

15:45 Final group exercise

16:00 Leaving the pool

16:15 Final ceremony; coffee with cake and Q & A

Venue: Overbosch Pool, Vlaskamp 3, Den Haag

Language: English and Dutch both catered for

Price: Package of three workshops € 75 pp, or € 32,50pp for single event

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