Intermediate to Advanced Learners (deep water): Ottenbad, Eindhoven

Class Description:

For students who are ready to move into deep water.  The Intermediate level is the next stage following on from the beginners classes.  Advanced classes 1,2 and 3 are where you will learn to become a strong swimmer; above and underwater, improve your survival techniques in all situations and learn to save another swimmer.  You will work towards the Dutch A,B and C level diploma swimming certificates.   We have no waiting lists, so you can start right away!

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Sunday  09.00- 09.45     at l’Ottenbad


22,50 Euros Per Class

Class Size:

Maximum 5 students per instructor

Where: Locations Addresses

Zwembad Ottenbad

Vijfkamplaan 12, Eindhoven, Nederland

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