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Private Elite Beginners Lessons

Private and Personal Lessons:

Our swim school offers Private Elite Classes for those who appreciate a first-class environment combined with extra personal attention from our instructors. These classes will guarantee the most progressive way of learning. Often students train twice a week and all combinations of lessons and locations are possible.   Our timetable shows locations where we have set times for private sessions, but you can also book a private session during any other of our swimming classes, to help boost your progress.

Often newcomers book a couple of private elite lessons first and move over to the small groups after all. This is a great way to get started. So go ahead and book a couple of lessons via our website. One of our office members shall call you in order to book the sessions with you. Feel free ask for our support  and contacting us

The lessons will take place in high-end pools that are chosen with care. All swimming pools feature warm water and a maximum depth of 1,40 meters. The facilities also offer access to a sauna and free on-site parking.

Our instructors will be with you in the water allowing them to provide hands-on instruction during your lesson. They will teach you the correct body positions and movements while offering a greater level of comfort and security for those that may be struggling with a fear of the water.

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