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Prices 2020

PricesWhat to know how much it costs to fulfill your dream by getting this life saving skill? Read on, Your Personal Swim Coach offers a differ type of options.


All newcomers start with enrolling and pay the sign up fee of € 22,50. This amount gives you a guaranteed personal intake by phone, by the head of coaches in your own town.  A try out session (no strings attached) gives you the following:

A personal welcome at the swimming pool by one of the coaches who shows your around and tells you how things work, a welcome bag. Making a personal plan of approach with your coach at the end of your first session.

After this try out (9 out of 10 swimmers continue) your process will kick off for real. Your weekly slot is booked and you will be strong swimmer before a year is over.

Did you know you are able to obtain an official swim diploma at our school? Check out the video for more information.

More Flexibility

Athough we recomment to swim at least once with with us, we do understand that your busy lives move on as well. Therefore we offer loose lessons via our webshop  You still need to enroll first  and Enjoy a try out lesson at one of our site. Than you continue  your learning proces via booking loose lessons that match your busy schedule.

Pricing schedule

Our classic and most successful set up is the Small group; 1 qualified coach is with 5 swimmers of the same level.

Do you come as a couple or with a friend, pls consider the private elite 1:2 set up. For example at our  flagship location - Carlton Beach Hotel  This a perfect place for real beginners.

Do you like more ME-Time or simply do not like to be in a group? Yes we do 1:1 at € 80.  You always have your personal swim coach on your side .  If this is your preference, let us know and we will make it happen. Do realize that you are not the only adult who can't swim so it can be very much encouraging to join a small group over the 1:1 sessions.

More advanced swimmers welcome too. Check out our set up of the Sport swimming lessons and book a couple of lessons ahead.

GroupCoach/StudentsLessonTry out
Small group1:5€ 27,50€ 22,50
Private elite1:2€ 49,00€ 40,00
Private1:1€ 80,00€ 65,00
Sport swimming lesons1:8€ 18,95€22,50 ( includes 2 lessons)

Prices are including VAT.


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