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"Thank you so much for your professional teaching. I learned a lot and really enjoyed. " 

Xian | China

"I am really thankful to you and all other coaches who helped me learn this beautiful skill which I will cherish forever. I wish you all the luck and success for future. "

Ghalib | India

"It has been great taking the classes from Tamara and I have seen so much improvement in my swim after our lessons with her. Thank you very much for the classes and the help! "

Ceren | Turkey

"After being brave enough to sign up for a try out lesson with your school, I felt that this the right place for me to finally put my fear to rest. Your instructors have the patience and caring touch which helped me to get through this. I can’t wait to swim in the ocean one day. "

Hugo | Brazil

"Hi Christina, I just wanted to thank you again fro your help last night. You have the gift of being able to empower people. Looking forward to the next swimming lesson. "

Emmanuela | Italy

"After a short break, I'm still on the board. I can't wait to be able to continue the classes cause i really see the progress! "

Barbara | Portugal

"Dear coaches, it's been a great experience learning how to swim with you and Coach Fabian. Rest assured that I will highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues who will be interested to learn how swimming in the future "

Mary | Philippines

"Dear coaches, I feel great pride in having found you in the first place, plucking up the courage to join you, and how far I feel I have come in an amazing year with you. Without your friendliness, professionalism and laughter (all of you!) I would have never have achieved so much. "

Lorna | United Kingdom

"Dear Coaches, It was my pleasure to meet you both. Thanks a lot for your comments and feedback. I really liked the lesson structure and the way Coach Ilse taught me how to do them. She made the it very simple for me to understand. Can't wait to get back in the pool again. "

Harish | India

"Thanks for the great pool session again yesterday. The coaches gave me some good advice regarding some pain I feel in my feet when I try to make the "Ballerina toes." I followed their advice and when to my fysio and found out I have some problems with my tendons in my toes. So, I am getting some therapy and learning some stretches to do. It was great that the coaches helped me figure out this problem so hopefully I can have less pain soon! "

Ellen | USA

" To all beginning swimming who still hesitate I would say to join as soon as possible. It is never too late to join. You will have an experience like never before. It is one of the exercise which is also fun. I would like to thank the team for providing an opportunity to learn. I never knew I would be able to swim one day. It is fun, good exercise and also a lifesaving skill. Everybody should learn it. "

Ghalib | India

"In the beginning it felt weird; I thought I would be the only adult who don’t know swimming and have to train with kids. But it was fun once I was in pool with so many beginners. Now, I love the lessons absolutely. Learnt lots of basics and tips & tricks. I am able to swim now all of four strokes. Still needs lot of practice for freestyle though. I can also dive and swim a bit underwater. "

Kavita | India

"I had lessons with Christina, Esmee and Mandy and they are all great at teaching, I can really heartily recommend them! Is amazing the progress I made thanks to them in just a few months! "

Francesca | Italy

"Dear Mandy and Christina, here I am in Greece swimming in the Mediterranean and enjoying my new found freedom in the water like never before in life. THANK YOU from my heart! I am snorkelling in the deep water admiring the fish below me. I have a BIG smile on my face now "

Maral | Israel

"I would like to thank you both and every other instructor who helped me for all that you have taught me so far and guarantee that I am only stopping swimming classes but definitely not stopping swimming all together. whenever I get an opportunity, I will jump into a pool and keep at it and hopefully it will get more and more effortless with time. I wish you all the best in your school and may you continue to give others what you have given me ( the ability to not drown... and of course, the love for water 🙂 ). "

Kisaka | Tanzania

"Unfortunately, I will have to leave the classes. My husband is transferred to another place so our family will move soon. I want to thank you and the entire team for helping me so much in getting over my fear of water to begin with. At least, this time I manage to go inside water during my travelling, and felt so happy about it. You have been tremendously patient and cannot thank you guys enough for your efforts 🙂 Hopefully, I will get to re-join your classes soon and see you guys! Thank you again 🙂 "

Niti | India

"Thank you for teaching me how to swim! Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of water! Thank you for transforming me into a confident and eager swimmer, who can hardly wait to get into water and improve both skills and abilities. I wish you will help and guide many more after me, because I know you take pride and satisfaction out of sharing your swimming knowledge. Every lesson with you is a joy. "

Claudia | Romania

" I think our whole class made a great progress; some had fear to water, others wanted to improve skills, but at the end we all succeed. This is only possible thanks to the nice teachers encouraging us every day, well-applied and effective method, patience and team building spirit. "

Oscar | Spain

"Swimming is something I always wanted get comfortable with. Due to yours (YPSC) excellent teaching & instructions, my aspiration is now a reality. Asante sana. Please let me know about the classes you are planning to run next year. "

Harun | Kenya

"Deep heart-felt thanks for everything. You have brought me from not being able to float to swimming, diving, floating….I am sure there’s more to come. "

Maria | Hungary

"Regretfully we have to inform you that we are leaving the country soon. So we wanted to thank you for all the Saturday mornings spent in the pool with us. I’m so grateful you managed to get me around the water phobia. It will definitely go a long way in my life. We respect and love you both so much, bcoz what u taught us no money can buy.........the confidence of having u around me in pool is everlasting. We will remain in touch. "

Prakash | India

"I saw your post on Facebook and decided it was a call to action that I can't ignore! My dislike of swimming started when a primary school teacher pushed me into a cold outdoor swimming pool. I did learn to swim eventually but was never comfortable about breathing technique in particular. Thanks for the lessons in the shallow water. I enjoyed each of them. "

Graham | UK

"Really enjoyed last night's lesson! looking forward to the next one! 😀 "

Julie | Greece

"Thank you. First lesson done today in Leiden. It was great and funny. Looking forward next week ;-). "

Patricia | France

"An eye opener. I thought I could swim quite well but now I realize there is so much more to learn. A very useful session. "

Jack | The Netherlands

"Yesterday's lesson was truly rewarding and fun for both of us, and we own our success to you and Mandy, thanks!!!!! We also need to thank Mariska and Manon, their input was helpful and to the point. We will recommend you with confidence whenever we have the opportunity. "

Constantin | Romania

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