Experts in swimming lessons for adults

Liesbeth - Office manager

"Just try without any hesitations and you will surprise others, but most of all yourself!"

Agcharapan - Swim coach

“Never give up. Always find a reason to keep trying ”



Aron - Swim coach

“Oxygen is overrated anyway ;)”


Axel - Swim coach

“Diemen is my hometown so it would be my pleasure meeting you there in the pool.”


Blanka - Swim coach

"I believe swimming is something that everyone should have the opportunity to learn"

Chefanja - Swim coach

"I look forward to meet you at the pool"



Clara - Swim coach

"Come on board and let's start the journey together"


Daniel - Swim coach

"Rather it is shallow or deep water,  I can help you to the next level."


Emily - Swim coach

"Don't compare yourself to others; simply celebrate your own accomplishments and help others celebrate theirs.”

Isabelle - Swim coach

"By dividing the complex swimming stroke into smaller steps, I help my students with accomplishing their swimming goals.”

Julius - Swim coach

“Be safe in the sea this summer, start lessons today!”

Kate - Swim coach

"Home is where the pool is”


Kim - Swim coach

Let’s work together, step by step, to help you feel comfortable in the water!

Liz - Swim coach

“I can count in a few languages. So here we go: een,twee,drie… Let’s jump in!”


Laura - Swim coach

"Improve what you already can, and learn what you cannot do yet. Because you can do anything”


Mandy - Swim coach

“ love to teach swimming skills to children and adults so much because, it gives these people more confidence”

Masha - Swim coach

"A perfect lesson is about letting go of your fears and having fun!”


Matteo - Swim coach

Water is our friend, my passion is to make people feel connected with it

Mila - Swim coach

“Lets get started and experience the all benefits of the water!


Paolo - Swim coach

“ My passion is to share my love of the waterworld Float, swim, dive and have fun!”

Parnia - Swim coach

“For a swim coach, seeing your progress is our best reward!”


Philip - Swim coach

"Good things come to those who swim



Ronny - Swim coach

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”

Thomas - Swim coach

"It  may take a while to manage a good stroke,  but the results are everlasting!”


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