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Interview with Swimming Instructor Urška Slivšek

Read our interview with swimming instructor Urška Slivšek (aka Nemo) who trains swimmers in The Hague. 

When did you decide to become a swimming instructor?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the actual start of my swimming career. I made my first baby steps on the side of a local swimming pool, so it all began quite soon. In fact, I’ve been dubbed as ‘Nemo’ the fish from the movie Finding Nemo. I was always swimming with an orange cap (I guess my admiration for The Netherlands was shown at an early stage). Because of this, my swimming mates saw a resemblance between myself and Nemo.


How long have you been teaching for and who are your students?

My coaching career started midway during my professional swimming career, firstly as an assistant at summer swimming schools for kids. Upon dabbling in other water-related sports and after receiving the coaching certificate, I became an actual trainer. Starting with toddlers, I progressed to coaching children and swimmers with both mental challenges (Autism, Down’s Syndrome etc.) and physical challenges.

What makes teaching at Your Personal Swim Coach so special?

Being able to swim is one of the greatest super powers there is, and with time and dedication everyone can obtain it. Teaching someone how to swim is a challenge, but is very much rewarding for both parties.  

What is an ideal swimming lesson? What makes it successful for students?

Relax, take a deep breath and just keep swimming.

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