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Interview with Swimming Instructor Thiery

Read our interview with swimming instructor Thiery who trains students in The Hague. 

When did you decide to become a swimming instructor?

I decided to become a swimming instructor when I achieved all six swimming diplomas. I really like to swim and I wanted to share this pleasure with other people. 

How long have you been teaching for and who are your students?

I officially started teaching others to swim a year ago. But around eight years ago I actually began assisting and teaching children and those younger than me. This work is voluntarily and I still do it every Sunday morning. Next to teaching children to swim, I also teach grown-ups for Your Personal Swim Coach

What makes teaching at Your Personal Swim Coach so special?

The biggest difference between this school and others is that you really see a bond between teachers and students. Of course teachers are teachers, and students are students and it should stay like that, but both sides really get to know each other well. Because of that, you can be very friendly and help them significantly improve their skills.

What is an ideal swimming lesson? What makes it successful for students?

My ideal lesson is a lesson that is fun, where you can make jokes and laugh but this is also a lesson where you can achieve something.  
That is my ideal lesson.

Tell us about a moment while teaching that you will you never forget.

Moments I can never forget happen at the end of a course. My students say: “thank you for all your time and for helping me with my troubles”. They often tell me this when they achieve their swimming diploma at the end of a course. 

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