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Interview with Swimming Instructor Lucio

Read our interview with swimming instructor Lucio who trains students in Rotterdam. 

When did you decide to become a swimming instructor?

I was born in Sicily, a very beautiful island! I first started playing waterpolo at the age of 10. I played in semi professional division for many yars and trained twice a day for five days a week in that period. At the age of 19 after I was selected for pilot training within the airforce I enrolled in the swimming section of the airforce. After I left the airforce I relized I could help people by being more than just a uniform. I realized that I could help people get out from bed for instance (sometimes that is their own prison). I could help people find a new sense in life despite their own handicaps. At the moment I help people to overcome their own fears, both in my work as a physiotherapist and as a swimming instructor. I help people to overcome their own fears and this is what motivates me!

What makes teaching at Your Personal Swim Coach so special?

I find it great to work at Your Personal Swim Coach because here I can focus on small groups.

What is an ideal swimming lesson? What makes it successful for students?

Just let your fears go and let’s have some fun! And dont forget the technique I apply strictly.

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