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Interview with Lorna, a Swimming Student in The Hague

Read our interview with swimming student Lorna who trains in the Hague. 

Where are you from?

I was born in The Netherlands, and moved to England when I was 5 years old.

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How long have you been living in The Netherlands and what brought you here? 

I moved back to The Netherlands in 2007 as my husband was offered a job in Den Haag.

Why were you looking for swimming lessons and what goals did you have in mind? 

Our eldest son was taking swimming lessons and I wanted to be able to keep up with his skills and confidence as he developed. Our youngest son is very relaxed in the water too. I want to be a parent that can swim with their children, not just sit at the side of a swimming pool and wave at them while they are having all the fun!

I could swim fine (or so I thought!) and have no fear of water at any depth, but I lacked skill and finesse. I really wanted to be able to more confidently put my head under the water, learn breathing techniques, and of course learn new swimming strokes.

How did you come across Your Personal Swim Coach

I actually saw your swimming school on Facebook!

What helped you to take that first step to enrol? 

Becoming a housewife gave me some time for myself, and I thought that having swimming lessons would be the perfect answer. The first email [received] from Your Personal Swim Coach made my mind up for me, it was friendly and professional.

Did you experience any hesitation in the beginning? 

Yes, of course! It can be hard taking the first step, but I knew from my first lesson that I had made the perfect choice of swimming school.

How did you experience the lessons? 

My first lesson was brilliant! Warm welcome, warm water, no rush and total individual care and instruction. I was so worried, and this was put to rest within minutes.

Tell us what you have you achieved? 

Firstly, I gained confidence, not just in the water, but [in] new environments and [with new] people. As the lessons progressed, I noticed, as did the teachers, that my swimming skills were developing very well, and to my delight I was swimming with more skill.

Will you keep on swimming in the future? 

Yes, without a doubt. I have even plucked up courage to go down water slides!

Did you learn anything in addition to swimming skills? 

Yes. It’s very good to meet others with similar fears, wishes and progress in the swimming lessons. There are friendly smiles, and encouraging words from both fellow students and the teachers that make you feel wonderful!

Do you have any advice for those considering swimming lessons in The Hague? 

Try a lesson, just one, and you will want to come back for another.

What else would you like to share with Your Personal Swim Coach?

I think the teachers need a mention here. The progress I have made is thanks to them. The teachers offer consistent advice, training and support, whatever your swimming ability. It’s a very positive experience, and not once have I felt pressured or rushed. The teachers all know when you can go further too! In my last lesson, I found my self diving off the side of the pool – not something I have done for a long time!

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