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Interview with Ghalib, a Swimming Student in The Hague

Read our interview with swimming student Ghalib, who trains in the Hague. 

Where are you from?


How long have you been living in The Netherlands and what brought you here? 

I live in the Netherlands for three and half years. Work brought me here – I am a programmer (IT).

Why were you looking for swimming lessons and what goals did you have in mind? 

Water always fascinated me. I envied people who can swim. I wanted to be able to enjoy being in water without the fear of drowning.

How did you come across Your Personal Swim Coach

Friend of mine who was also looking for swimming lessons found information about YPSC at his place of work.

What helped you to take that first step to enrol? 

I never had courage to go on my own. We were a group of three and thought it would be fun together so we joined in January this year.

Did you experience any hesitation in the beginning? 

Yeah, it felt weird initially. I thought we would be the only adults who don’t know how to swim and thought we’d have to train with kids. But it was fun once I was in the pool with so many beginner adults.

How did you experience the lessons? 

I absolutely love the lessons. I learn lots of basics and tips and tricks.

Tell us what you have you achieved? 

I am able to swim now (all of four strokes). I still need lot of practice for freestyle though. I can also dive and swim underwater a bit.

Will you keep on swimming in the future? 


Did you learn anything in addition to swimming skills? 

Besides swimming skills the classes have also made me fit. I feel better now. I guess it also helps to relieve some stress.

Do you have any advice for those considering swimming lessons in The Hague? 
I would say to join as soon as possible. It is never too late to join. You will have an experience like never before. It is the one exercise which is also fun.

What else would you like to share with Your Personal Swim Coach?

I would like to thank the team for providing me with an opportunity to learn. I never knew I would be able to swim one day.  It is fun, good exercise and also a lifesaving skill. Everybody should learn it.

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