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Interview with Chinchu, a Swimming Student

ADULT SWIMMING LESSONS NETHERLANDS HOLLANDRead our interview with swimming student Chinchu from India 

How long have you been living in The Netherlands and what brought you here? 

I’ve been in The Netherlands for five years now and I moved here to be with the man of my dreams whom I met on my solo Eurotrip. We’re married and have a little baby girl now.

Why were you looking for swimming lessons and what goals did you have in mind?

I always wanted to learn to swim but there were no options to take classes while I was growing up in the Middle East. While I lived in India, there weren’t many options to learn swimming as an adult. I had started some lessons here in Rotterdam but had to stop since the school discontinued. When I started again with you guys, I was hoping to overcome my fear of water and actually learn to enjoy swimming.

How did you come across Your Personal Swim Coach?

I found it via Meetup, the app matched your school to my interests.

What helped you to take that first step to enroll?

Strange as it may seem, it was delivering my baby that gave me the courage to join lessons. I figured that if I could get through a terrible child birthing experience, I could learn to swim for sure.

Did you experience any hesitation in the beginning?

Although I had done some basic lessons a while ago, it was really hard to start again. I was totally freaked out and wondered if I would ever be able to swim a few laps with ease.

How did you experience the lessons?

I started with Christina who handled me with patience and understanding. She tolerated my excuses and whining, helped me overcome my fear and encouraged me to persevere. Lucio took over later and focused on technique, keeping the lessons light with his special brand of humour.

Can you tell us what have achieved so far?

I can do a wicked backstroke, and even manage a sort of butterfly stroke. The rest of the strokes are a work in progress but I’m getting there. I did manage to swim in a natural sea water pool while on holiday in Tenerife. Considering that I was too scared to ever try to float on my back, I’ve come a long long way.

Will you keep on swimming in the future?

Hell yeah!

Did you learn anything in addition to swimming skills? 

My performance during the lessons often fluctuate from exceptional to embarrassing. Some days I would get very frustrated with myself for not meeting my own expectations. These lessons have helped me get insight into my own behavior and have made me realise that if I put my mind to it, what seems impossible can become reality.

Do you have any advice for those considering swimming lessons? 

What are you waiting for? No better time than the present!

What else would you like to share with Your Personal Swim Coach.

You’re doing a good job guys! I’m really glad that I came to you. My new goal is to go from the shallow pool into the deep pool and do some actual swimming there. Hope that will happen soon!


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