Experts in swimming lessons for adults

  • Masha

    Hi Everyone, I’m Masha (28) originally from the Netherlands, spatial designer and a lifetime water lover.

    What I can remember is that I actually always prefer to be in the water, from a very early age I swam fanatically, and later also gave training, and now also lessons.

    Living and working in the vicinity of Amsterdam, and here is the need to be able to save yourself in the water very large. And an extra motivation for me to teach!

    Overcoming water fear is more than just overcoming fear, its taking control. Learn how to swim at a later age requires a large amount of physical awareness, so that you feel what your body is doing in the water and that you can control your movement. This physical awareness also helps you overcome obstacles outside of the water.

    And I would like to share as much as possible the fun that I experience with water.

    “We are 80% water, so I believe everyone can love water ;-)”

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