Experts in swimming lessons for adults

  • Jordi

    Hey all of you! My name is Jordi and I am raised and living in Hoorn, the Netherlands. I am a qualified swimming coach, by the KNZB, and have more than 7 years of experience as a coach of competitive swimmers. I started swimming when I was a baby, and I have never lost my passion for it. On my 13th I started to train the little swimmers, who were just exploring the world of competitive swimming. It was such a joy to train them and see them going faster and faster and having fun. Now, I wanted to give all the people the confidence and the ability to be comfortable in the water!

    “Improve what you already can, and learn what you cannot do yet. Because you can do anything. As long as you give your 100% and believe in yourself. We always believe in you, because we know you can do it!”

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