Experts in swimming lessons for adults

  • Chantal – Office manager

    My name is Chantal and I come from Singapore! I am half British & half Chinese and have recently moved to Amsterdam to start a whole new life! I have had 10 years of experience teaching swimming of all ages and all levels and I am extremely passionate about it! I grew up as a professional state swimmer and trained several hours a week! It was tough but I learnt a lot! Swimming is such a great sport for your health and being able to learn how to swim is such an accomplishment in life! I too know how it is to learn something for the first time, funny story, in February 2018, I found out I will be moving to The Netherlands and so I had to learn how to ride a bicycle!! I cannot believe I’ve never learnt it before! So I did it, I learnt how to do it and I am now comfortable to ride all over in Amsterdam!!!

    “Don’t be afraid of trying something new! You’ll be surprised how far you can go once you overcome the fear! ~ YOU GOT THIS!”

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