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Interview with Swimming Instructor Manon Prins

Read our interview with swimming instructor Manon Prins who trains students in The Hague. 

When did you decide to become a swimming instructor?

After living abroad for many years I returned to The Netherlands in 2011. During my years as an expat I frequently assisted with swimming lessons and when I came back I decided to become a licensed instructor.

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How long have you been teaching for and who are your students?

As of 2012 I teach swimming lessons in The Hague. My students range in age from 4 years old to adults over 50, and they are on all kinds of different levels (from A diploma to competitive swimmers). I teach students from 4 – 6 years old and the occasional parent at a swimming club. I also teach swimming lessons at the Council of The Hague school for kids 8 – 10 years old; and of course the students at Your Personal Swim Coach.

What makes teaching at Your Personal Swim Coach so special?

Teaching at Your Personal Swim Coach is a rewarding job because I like to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Part of growing up in The Netherlands is that almost every child has had swimming lessons from a young age. Many students who arrive at Your Personal Swim Coach have not had a swimming education in their youth. I really admire these students that they have decided to learn to swim at a later stage in life and for some of them even to overcome their fear of water!

What is an ideal swimming lesson? What makes it successful for students?

To me a successful lesson should have four elements: safety, it should be educational, intense and fun! First of all I ensure the safety of my students and I show them the proper techniques. The students receive lessons with a lot of practice and guidance and I think most important of all, they must have fun and at the end of the lesson leave the pool with a happy feeling!

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