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Beginners adult swimming lessons

Are you ready to start learning how to swim but are maybe a bit nervous?  That is totally natural and we are here to help make learning how to swim as fear-free as possible. We specialize in helping adult beginners accomplish their immediate goals and ultimately become strong, independent, and responsible swimmers.

We offer the Private Elite Classes for students who appreciate a first-class environment combined with extra personal attention from our instructors. These classes will guarantee the most progressive way of learning. Often students train twice a week and all combinations of lessons and locations are possible.

The lessons will take place in high-end hotel pools that are chosen with care. All swimming pools feature warm water and a maximum depth of 1,40 meters. The facilities also offer access to a sauna and free on-site parking.

We offer Small Group Lessons for adults in small groups so you can have fun and learn to swim with others who are doing the same. Participants will become familiar with the water at their own pace, as well as learn the basic skills for proper body position and breathing techniques. We are aware that new adult swimmers may be nervous or fearful of the water, but at the same time we know that sharing the process with others is more fun and more productive. Through these adult group lessons, we will help alleviate your fear of the water and introduce you to the basic water skills at your own comfort level.

Taking that first step and signing up for a trial lesson is the hardest part! We have full confidence that you will reach any goal you set and we are happy to help you get there. As a beginner, we will always be in the water alongside you, guiding you each step of the way.

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