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Intermediate / Advanced lessons

When you have completed our Beginners Course in the shallow water, or if you have taken some lessons in the past, then our Intermediate level lessons are for you!

These swimming classes are designed for adult students transitioning from the shallow water classes to the deeper water ones. We urge all students who have achieved the basic skills and are strong enough swimmers to join this class as soon as they are ready. The ultimate goal of our intermediate to advanced swim lessons is to transform our swimmers from beginners, into strong, independent, and responsible swimmers.

Our instructors will assess your level continuously, so you can be sure to join a group of adult swimmers of a similar ability to yourself.

This course is not just about swimming further or faster; you will also learn important survival skills and take your swimming ability to a new level.   In addition, and perhaps most importantly of all, you will learn to help save someone else who is in difficulty in the water. This is an extremely valuable skill to have when living in the Netherlands, especially if you have children!

We will make sure that all of our students are comfortable and enjoy their swimming lessons in order to ensure an optimal learning curve.  To ensure proper safety and skill development, this course is limited to 5 swimmers per instructor, so you can be sure of a high level of attention from your swimming coach.

Throughout these classes, you will continue developing your skills and become a stronger, more independent swimmer. The importance of continuing one's swim training cannot be stressed enough. For example: are you currently able to swim 100 meters using all swimming strokes and without needing a break?  This can you achieve this and much more!

Each lesson in this course is a solid 45-minute cardiovascular workout while you learn how to improve your technique.

The ultimate goal of these lessons is to help you pass your swimming exams to receive your B and C diplomas according to the Dutch ABC Swimming Guidelines.

More about ABC Diplomas

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