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Training experience:
two years

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In the Netherlands since:
Ever ūüôā¬†

Dutch, English and French

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Born and raised in the province of Zeeland, I am very aware of the importance of swimming. All my life, I have been passionate about survival skills, and swimming in general. My career in the swimming business started as a lifeguard at a local pool. My experiences as a lifeguard have made me passionate for teaching people how to swim. The ability to swim gives you great freedom in a country like the Netherlands, and is vital to your personal safety.
I study Public Administration and French Language and Culture, both at Leiden University.


Coaching Style
Swimming is fun, so swimming lessons should be fun too. With a personal and kind approach, I try to find out what works best for each individual. Humour is my greatest tool in making my lessons useful, and fun at the same time.



Being a coach in the Water Introduction Level, I have been successful in helping people overcome their fears, and dealing with lower floating capacities.


“Bend, spread, close and repeat”

Our adult swim classes

Your Personal Swim Coach will help you become a more confident you, a stronger, fitter and healthier you, a happier, care-free you and ensure your success in learning to enjoy and feel safe in and around water!


If you cannot swim at all and are fearful and/or challenged in water generally.

You took classes before and   failed or it has been a  very long time ago. 

Stroke Improvers

If you can float and swim but are afraid of deep water.

You can swim but are complete exhausted after swimming a short distance. 


If you have no issues in  deep water and able to swim more than  200m without getting exhausted.

You want to become fitter and stronger and swimming is your weekly workout. 

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