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The Dutch ABC Diploma System

Your Personal Swim Coach structures our lessons around the ABC Diploma curriculum. We would like our students to know what skills are needed to obtain their respective diplomas and move on to the next level. Through personalized classes and following the curriculum established by the Netherlands, we will make sure that you are prepared to pass your diploma tests!

These diplomas certify that you have basic swim survival knowledge and are considered an independent and strong swimmer. They are divided into 3 diplomas to indicate your skill and strength level in the water.

The three diplomas that you may earn via different exams are as follows: First is the A diploma, where you have obtained basic survival skills and are considered a safe and responsible swimmer. Second is the B diploma, where you have built up your endurance and are considered a much more independent swimmer who can even help assist others in need of rescue. Third is the C diploma, where you are considered prepared for all kinds of situations involving water and are an independent, fully -confident swimmer!

Our instructors will help you learn the necessary skills and even assist you with practicing the exam tasks. We know what you need to accomplish to pass your exams and we want to you to be as confident and prepared as possible! For more information about the steps involved in obtaining these diplomas and the importance of doing so, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Download Requirements ABC ENVOZ Survival diploma's

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