Experts in swimming lessons for adults

  • Karam

    Greetings to everyone!  I started my swimming experience when I was ten years old when I followed a swimming learning course and I got my first swimming diploma!  After that I decided to follow up and develop my style and skill in swimming.   In 2009 I received a diploma in Rescue and Training at the same time I was studying English Literature in Syria.  During my summer vacation, I was teaching swimming, which I loved!   I participated swimming races for long distance in Euphrates River and the Mediterranean Sea.   As a rescue swimmer, I saved a lot of people in the Euphrates River and  also Belgian  woman in the lake of Zoetermeer, NL.  I love swimming and teaching it. Swimming means a lot to me, not just a sport where I learned patience, challenge and help others.

    “I am honored to be part of this great team, I can’t wait to help you with your swimming!”

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