kids swimming lessons in English

Swimming lessons in English in Zoeterwoude

Make the most of your time with your children and learn to swim together in our family swimming lessons in Voorschoten!   These English language swimming classes are also suitable for teenagers and older children, who prefer not to learn with young kids.

Swimming is a skill that everyone can learn, at their own pace and in comfort and security.  When living in The Netherlands, it is so important to feel safe in the water, for everyone.  Swimming opens up a whole world of possibility to enjoy the best of South Holland.   Lakes, beaches, boating, water sports, school trips and of course, all the wonderful indoor pools; you can enjoy all of these with your family once you have the confidence in the water.

In the warm, shallow water of the beautiful Swetterhage pool in Blanaartweg, Zoeterwoude, we prepare parents and children in the shallow water, where you can learn the first skills of swimming and become confident floating and moving in the water.    Lessons take place on Sunday afternoons.   You can take beginners lessons here until you are ready for the deeper water.   Kids and parents swim at same time but in separate groups during our family sessions.   We can also offer private lessons for a very personal and fast progression.

Kids are also welcome to join our kids only classes in Zoeterwoude , where they will experience first class teaching, in English or Dutch as preferred, and in very small groups.   If your kids are still too young for swimming lessons, we also offer parents and toddlers classes on Saturday mornings in Zoeterwoude.

Once you are confident in the shallow water, you will be ready to join our intermediate and advanced swimming classes  on Sunday mornings, where we teach adults, teenagers and children in English language in a deep water pool in Voorschoten, in Zwembad Het Wedde, very close to the British Senior School.   The level in Voorschoten is for more advanced learners who are already comfortable with floating in water, and for those seeking ABC diplomas, the aim of which is to be completely safe in the water in all situations.  Contact us to find out if this level suits you or you can learn more about our swimming level progression here.

Zoeterwoude is located 15 minutes by car from Voorschoten, so the transition from the shallow water classes to the deep water lessons is easy to make.   Lessons are taught in very small groups and last for 45 minutes.    We have no waiting lists, so you can get started right away!   

If you are located closer to The Hague, we also offer family swimming lessons in the Overbosch pool, close to the British School Vlaskamp.


Use our Lessons Finder to find the perfect lesson for you!  You can filter to South Holland to see all of our available classes in this area.  Filter to Family Lessons if you are looking to learn together with your children or kids if you are looking for kids only classes.

Want to know more?  Here is an idea of what to expect from our small group kids lessons!


Our Lessons


Our Locations

Activiteitencentrum Swetterhage, Blankaartweg

Blankaartweg 2, Zoeterwoude
Saturday 8:45 – 9:15 Parent & Child
 Saturday  9.15-9.45  Parent & Child
Sunday 15:45 – 16:30 Kids ABC
Sunday 16:30 – 17:15 Kids ABC
Sunday 17:15 – 18:00 Family Lesson ABC
Sunday 18:00 – 18:45 Small Group Beginners
Wednesday 15:45 – 16:30 Kids ABC
Wednesday 16:30 – 17:15 Kids ABC

Blankaartweg 2, 2381 AD Zoeterwoude, Netherlands

All our coaches

  • Mandy Co-Owner

    Hi everyone! I started as an assistant teacher more than 10 years ago, while collecting all kinds of swimming diplomas meanwhile. This is where I found my passion for teaching children of every age range so I had got my qualification to become a teacher myself.

    Later on I gained a Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Science. This study is all about the progress of parenting and educating while interacting with the (disturbed) development of children and adolescents in their own environment.

    “I love to teach swimming skills to children and adults so much because, it gives these people more confidence. In and outside the pool!”

  • Christina Founder and Co-Owner

    Thanks to an interesting and fortunate turn in my career, I became the owner of this wonderful swim school!  I am originally an agronomist.  After living and working in Kenya for two years, I came back to The Hague and decided to get off the corporate track for a while and continued doing what I really enjoyed while travelling through Africa; sharing my passion for exercising in the water and helping others to learn how to swim. That was the first time I realized how hard it can be dealing with fear of water. I got my qualifications to become a swimming instructor and my passion for teaching others to swim could not be stopped ever since.

    In the meantime I became a NLP master,  this offered me helpful  skills in order to communicate with our students who fear water.  I have taught hundreds of people how to swim over the years and I can’t wait to help you to achieve your goals!

    “It humbles me that our students allow us to work with them. They are our heroes!”